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Personal Handheld Fan-H819

HIDLY2021-07-29【Mini Fans】

BriefHigh quality personal handheld fan with a great price, you will never get disappointed to own this cool personal fan this summer,We are responsible for our products and customers. If you have any problems with our product, please contact with us first, we

Why You Choose HIDLY Personal Handheld Fan?

  If you're spending lots of time outside in the summer heat, that probably means you're looking for more ways to keep cool — I get it. But box fans and air conditioners aren't exactly travel-friendly, and pools and sprinklers aren't always an option. And as much as I love the satisfying snap of a paper fan, they can be delicate to carry around and require you to do all the work. That's why personal handheld fans are one of my newfound favorite ways to beat the heat. They're rechargeable, portable, and can even be used smartly at home. I was recently looking for an option to take with me on my summer trips, and this one caught my eye on.

    It's lightweight and USB rechargeable, which are features that initially drew me in. At about 9"tall, personal handheld fan can easily fit into a bag without weighing it down, making it perfect to bring to festivals, amusement parks, and outdoor concerts. I know it might seem like it's just another item to lug around, but believe me when I say that you'll be much happier to have it on hand if you're spending a good chunk of the day outside. 

personsal handheld fan

personsal handheld fan

personsal handheld fan

personsal handheld fan

  There are three fan speeds to choose from, and varying working times for each. The lowest setting is often enough for me,  On the lowest setting, the fan can run for 3 hours and longer. The built-in rechargeable battery is a huge plus, because you won't be making any last-minute runs to the store if the charge runs out. Simply plug it in and let the charge replenish.

 sometimes turn it on while working at my desk, and since it can stand on its own, it doesn't disrupt my productivity. It's extremely helpful when I'm getting ready to go out and need a gust of wind to help set my makeup, and also helps to keep sweat in check while cooling down from a workout.

Personal Handheld Fan Advantage:

personsal handheld fan

personsal handheld fan

personsal handheld fan

personsal handheld fan

Durable: Personal handheld fan was built with a durable brushless motor insdie which able to provide a working life with 15,000 hours which is 5 times longer than most of mini fan.Designed with No-Foldable handle for preventing the handle from being broken which is the common defective design from most foldable portable fan.

3 IN 1 Design Makeup Fan: The personal handheld fan with a mirror, it is very suitable for dry eyelash, skin cream and spray. Mirror can help you fill makeup anywhere and anytime. Led fill light with 3 levels brightness is a unique design, which allow you makeup in different lighting situations like daytime, evening, home and office.

3 Wind Speed Adjustable: The personal handheld fan  have 3 wind speed adjustable, you can control wind volume from slow,medium and fast according to different needs. Simply press the power button repeatedly to change the wind setting. You will stay comfortable in any weather.

USB Rechargeable Battery: This personal handheld fan has a ajustable bracket which supports the fan to stand on the desk. In addition, it al so has a small rope attached, which can be used as a neck fan. It comes with the charging cable.Get charge by USB devices such as powerbank, computer, laptop, USB charger.

personsal handheld fan

personsal handheld fan

personsal handheld fan

personsal handheld fan

Small Size: This personal handheld fan is only 4x 3 x9 inch in size and 0.48lb in weight. Easy to carry and store without taking up a lot of space. You can put it into your pocket or bag, take it with you wherever you go.Besides, this fan with lanyard,it can be hung around the neck. It's a perfect partner in such hot summer to keep you cool when travelling, waiting in line or doing sports.

Powerful Wind: The copper made motor of the fan is so powerful, which can support the blade running at very high speed to produce strong wind. This design of personal handheld fan can suck in much more airflow and divide the wind into 7 pieces. Small-shaped yet powerful, blows out natural cool wind and cools you down fast.

Personal Handheld Fan Specifications :

personsal handheld fan

personsal handheld fan

personsal handheld fan

Name:personal handheld fan

Fan model:H819

Charge time:3H

Battery capacity:2000mAh

Operating voltage:DC5V/1A

Color:blue, pink.

Material:ABS/Electronic components.

Wide-angle shaking his head /3 gear wind.

Built-in 2000mAh lithium battery, no data cable can work about 3H

Within the product distribution:fan*1,Cable*1,Instruction*1

personsal handheld fan

personsal handheld fan

personsal handheld fan

Personal Handheld Fan Packaging Details:

Single weight:220g


Single package weight:285g

Single package size:70*115*227mm


Gross weight(50pcs):15.5 kg

Outer package:37*48*58cm

1CBM-450 pcs

20' GP-12000 pcs

40' GP-24000 pcs

personsal handheld fan

personsal handheld fan

personsal handheld fan

personsal handheld fan

personsal handheld fan

Frequently Asked Questions About Personal Handheld Fan:

1.What are the lead times for personal handheld fan ?

Upon payment, we will eventually process your order. However a lead time of 7 days is required. Because haste makes waste, we give our team enough time to bring about personalized price screen for you.

2.What do the personal handheld fan come with?

HIDLY'S rechargeable hanging neck fan come with everything you need to operate such as motor, battery, electronic componentsl and plastic box.

3.What is the warranty policy should the portalbe clip fan arrive damaged?

We are pleased to offer our convenient warranty policy.

4.What color do these personal handheld fan come in?

The personal handheld fan are usually available in colors of white,blue, pink.

5.How long do the  personal handheld fans last?

Our fan can last an average of 5 years.

6.How do you pack the personal handheld fans?

We pack with utmost care to prevent breakage during shipping. Please refer to how we pack for more details.

7.Can you provide the solution of accessory?

Yes,we can.We are professional in personal handheld fans.

8.Can you provide the personal handheld fans as the color of customing?

Yes,we can,minimum order quantity:3000pcs.

HIDLY is a profession manufactory to produce personsal handheld fan with lights, our main markets are in America, Europe, Australia, Middle East and Southeast Asia. We manage our factory on comparatively higher modern production level with a consummate quality guarantee system, ensuring our products with high quality to follow the new trends of domestic and foreign markets;If you want custom.

mini handheld fan

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Email: H@HIDLY.CN.

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