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BriefPenguin humidifiers cute design goddess figure and mouth shade make you feel much care like your mother. Mini portable size and lightweight design, easy to use and carry.Adopted ultrasonic atomization technology, the spraying mist is finer and more even.

USB Penguin aroma diffuser Instruction
Basic information:
Item name:USB Penguin Aroma Diffuser
Item NO.:LJH005
Bottle volume:15mI
Power :1.5w
Spray volume:Mode one-30ml/hour ;  Mode two-5ml/hour.
Products features:
1.Product is designed as penguin shape, small and interesting;
2.The mist is created by principle of ultrasonic vibration, increasing air humidity.
3.This product could use water-soluble essential oil, to provide aromatherapy.
How to Use:
1.This product is powered by 5 volts direct current(DC 5V). It can connect with computer USB port or adapter. (Each product comes with a USB cable only, without adapter)
2.Before using the product, please add water to suitable level, then close the cap. At last, connect with USB cable, then press the switch to spray.
3.Please do not use impurity water, so as not to block the atomization chip. If need to add essential oil, do not make the ratio of essential oil and water over 1:5. Do not use pure essential oils for aromatherapy, it will block the atomization hole.
4.This product has 2 modes. Press the switch firstly to mode 1: it sprays continuously and auto-off after 30 minutes; press secondly, start mode 2: spray 1 second every 10 seconds, then auto-off after 6 hours. If you want to use it again, please turn on again by hand.
5.When using it in the first time, if it can't make mist when cotton filter is fully moistened, please drip drop of water on the atomization chip, and suck the water by tissue, then it will make mist. If it stops making mist during working, please suck the water on atomization chip by tissue and then it will make mist again.
6.If not to use the product for a long time, please keep the tank clean and remove the cotton filter to dry out.
7.Cleaning method: The atomization chip can be cleaned by a cotton filter. Please do not clean by corrosive liquid. The tank can be cleaned by a clean cotton carefully. Electronic part is prohibited to touch water.
Do not wash the electronic part, to avoid damaging electronic components.


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