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Large Capacity Ultrasonic Aroma Diffuser

HIDLY2019-12-27【Aroma Diffusers】

BriefHIDLY large capacity ultrasonic aroma diffuser combines modern science and technology and a simple novel design. The principle is to use ultrasonic vibration plant aromatherapy essential oil and water and spray superfine particles with 5 microns, creatin

Large Capacity Ultrasonic Aroma Diffuser
Large Capacity Ultrasonic Aroma Diffuser Features:
Super Quiet ,Safe and Smart Design: adopted ultrasonic technology, no noisy voice will not interfere with your sleep or work. When the water runs out, it automatically stops driving.
Care for Your Health: effectively kill bacterial, Increase humidity and also help prevent dry and chapped skin in dry seasons with no noise., lift your spirits and relieve stress.
Efficiency: makes it easy to carry. Perfect for use in bedroom, office, car, hotel, tent, or even on flights, the different environments of the game.
Easy to Use: One-button touch switch makes the operation very easy. Save 280 ml of water in a bottle, connect it to a PC, mobile battery, etc. with a USB cable and turn on the power. Available for 6 hours continuous from switch ON.
Ideal Gift: Cute cactus shape and vibrant color will bring happiness to your room or desk, it'll be a wonderful christmas or birthday gift for relatives, friends, teachers and classmates.
Large Capacity Ultrasonic Aroma Diffuser
Large Capacity Ultrasonic Aroma Diffuse Using Guide

Tip: When you press the "MIST/TIME" switch for the first time, the aroma diffuser will work in fog mode by default. If you press the"MIST/TIME" switch for 10 seconds, the M1D/GONT LED will flash with its lights, and the aroma diffuser will change into little fog mode.
1.Press the "MIST/TIME" switch for the first time; the aroma diffuser lamp lights and the mist spray out.
2.Press "MIST/TIME" switch a second time; the the aroma diffuser will work in a 10 second spray and stop for 10 seconds mode, with "10-second intermittent signals" lights.
3.Press the "MIST/TIME" switch a third time; the the aroma diffuser works in a 2 hour timer mode, with the "2 hours timing signals" lights.
4.Press the "MIST/TIME" switch a fourth time; the the aroma diffuser works in a 4-hour timer mode, with the "4 hours timing signals" lights.
5.Press "MIST/TIME" switch a fifth time; the the aroma diffuser stop working,
1.When the aroma diffuser starts working, the light will change into an automatic colorful cycle mode.
2.When the light is in the process of circulation, pressing the "LIGHT" switch will set the system to the current light color,
3.Press the "LIGHT" switch again to choose your lighting; you can then press the switch to change to a color you want each time (with seven kinds of color;each color has two levels),
4.After browsing all colors, press the "LIGHT" switch again to close the light.
5.Press the "LIGHT" switch again to return to seven color automatic cycle mode.

Large Capacity Ultrasonic Aroma Diffuser
Large Capacity Ultrasonic Aroma Diffuse Maintenance
1.Close the function switch and the power supply.
2.Remove the cover and pour out the water in the atomizing chamber from the annotation "MAX" position of direction.
3.Wipe the host shell and water tank inside the cavity with a soft cotton cloth-
4.Wipe gently with cotton buds the center of the tank oscillator. This is suggested once every 7 to 14 days.
 Large Capacity Ultrasonic Aroma Diffuser Common Faults and Processing Method
I.  If no power ,please connect the power supply,press the "MIST/TIME" switch 
2. Not enough water, please add water to the atomizing chamber.
3. Too much water, pour out water from the atomizing chamber.
4. Oscillator is covered by scale,please clean the scale on the oscillator
5. Cover or water retaining cover out of the fog on membrane or other foreign bodies covered, please stick to cotton cleaning andkeeping clean.
Large Capacity Ultrasonic Aroma Diffuser
Large Capacity Ultrasonic Aroma Diffuser Use Requirements
l.This product is suitable for use with clean water or pure water; it is not suitable for use with corrosive liquid.
2,If the aroma diffuser is not carefully operated, the water may leak into the host internally, If so, please unplug the power supply immediately, pour out thewater, clean the body and let stand for about 3 days in a ventilated place. Letit dry naturally after use. If there is any other abnormal occurrence, please contact your local dealer or contact us directly.
Large Capacity Ultrasonic Aroma Diffuser Steps
1. Open the cover in the direction    
2. Add water to the atomizing
3. Close the cover in the direction
4. Connect the power supply.
How to add aromatherapy oil:
1.Turn off the power supply, remove the cover, and add the aromatherapy oil  you choose to the atomizing chamber, then add a suitable amount of water. Close the cover and turn on the power supply,
2..When adding water, use the scale mark to add the right amount of water to the tank. If the amount of added water is over or under the highest scale, there will be less or more mist sprayed out.
3. Do not dump the host in use, and keep it far away from places children can access,
2.If there is too much water on the first time of adding it, there will be less steam;after water reduction, there will be more steam.

large capacity ultrasonic aroma diffuser
Name:Large Capacity Ultrasonic Aroma Diffuser
Time to market:2019
Water tank:700ml 
Rated power: 10W
Timing function:yes
Timer: 10S / 2H / 4H/ On 
Voltage input: DC24V 0.6A
Operation method:keyboard type
Quantity of atomization:35ml/h
Shape:classic columnar
Application:30 square meter
Type:ultrasonic humidifier
Humidity control:mechanical
Function:ultrasonic sterilize
Mist outlet quantity:one/a
Ultrasonic aroma diffuser certification:CE,RoHS
Ultrasonic aroma diffuser  method:Ultrasonic
Ultrasonic frequency: 2.4 MHz - advanced ultrasonic diffusing technology
LED Light: 7pcs -independent light control / multiple color light / gradual changing or fixed mode or off. Provides soft illumination 
Power source: adapter
Water-shortage Power-off Protection:Yes
Duration Time: do not use for more than 10 hours. When time is up or there is no water, it will turn off automatically 
Ultrasonic aroma diffuser for people:all people.
Use place:bedroom, office, living room, kitchen.
The benefits of using:let the air more moist, to prevent all kinds of skin diseases.

Large Capacity Ultrasonic Aroma Diffuser

Name:Large Capacity Ultrasonic Aroma Diffuser
Ultrasonic aroma diffuser model: H317
Material: ABS+PP+PC
Aroma diffuser height:2.92 inch/11.5 cm
Aroma diffuser diameter:6.6 inch/16.8 cm
Aroma diffuser weight(empty): 0.98 pounds/445g
Single package size:17X17X13cm 
Single gross weight:0.9kg
Carton box size: 56*34*42cm 
Aroma diffuser quantity per carton: 18pcs
Large Capacity Ultrasonic Aroma Diffuser Package Include:
1 x aroma diffuser
1 x Instructions
1 x adapter
1 x 18-month warranty and friendly customer service



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