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HIDLY2019-12-03【Aroma Diffusers】

BriefTransform your home or workplace into your personal aromatherapy oasis! With our elegantly designed metal aroma diffuser, you can infuse any setting and create a spa-like experience anywhere life takes you by metal aroma diffuser.

Hard day? Tonight, Look to our mini metal Aroma diffuser to eliminate dry air and odors, It humidifies dry indoor air with its cooling mists, adds a fresh, clean scent to your favorite spaces and lights up the night with soothing colors.
metal roma diffuser

metal roma diffuser

metal roma diffuser

metal roma diffuser

Is this metal aroma diffuser durable?
  Yes, this product is made with high quality standards.
Is this aroma diffuser easy to use?
  Yes, it is very easy to use.
How do I use this aroma diffuser exactly?
  Unscrew the top part, fill it with water, press the button once.
Does this aroma diffuser has an internal battery?
  No, this humidifier needs to be plugged in  socket from We believe that it is more convenient to have it powered through a dedicated power supply. This way you don't need to worry about another device that needs to be charged frequently.
What are the dimensions of this small aroma diffuser?
  The height is 6.6 inch or 16.8 cm and the width is 6.6 inch or 6.6cm diameter.
What is the weight of this aroma diffuser when empty?
  The weight when empty is 1.07 pounds or 485g.
Does this humidifier produces cool or warm mist?
  This humidifier produces cool mist only.
Would this desk humidifier work in a small room or office?
  This model is perfect for smaller rooms or offices.
Would this small  humidifier work in a big room?
  In a big room this humidifier would work but not be as effective as in a smaller room. For a big room we recommend placing at least 2 of them.
How do you turn the light on and off?
  Press the button for one second to turn the light on. If you press it again for one second the light turns off. If you press it again for one second the light goes into a pulse mode. Press it again for one second to turn the light off again.
Can I turn the light completely off when plugged in?
 Yes, you can turn the light completely off, exept for the little red light on the back.
Will this desk humidifier wet your desk?
 No, this himidifier produces very fine mist that's perfectly soluble in the air. It never wets the surface it's placed on.
Does this humidifier makes a noice while working?
 No, this model is ultra quiet and almost impossible to hear.
Is this metal humidifier easy to clean?
  Yes, it's very easy to clean. The opening is 6.6 inch , and you can clean it with a towel.
Can I use essential oil in this mini metal aroma diffuer?
  No, this model is not designed to use as an essential oil diffuser.
Does the metal aroma diffuser automatically shut-off the power if it runs out of water?
  Yes, it will auto shut off when it is waterless.
Can I use rainwater to fill it?
  No, we don't recommend that you use rain water. You can use regular tap water, but in order to keep the metal aroma diffuser working in the best condition possible, it is best to use distilled water.

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